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The MA Translation Studies is a balanced programme which addresses the situation of the translator as a multi-skilled individual. He or she not only has an excellent command of mother tongue and foreign language(s) and is prepared to be a thinking translator, but is technologically competent and aware of the world of the professional.

Course units include Translation Workshops (practical), Theory and Practice of Translation (the thinking part or one of them!), the Computer and the Translator (technology), Professional Aspects of Translation (professional)

Course Structure

Semester 1, Core units:
  -  Theory and Practice of Translation 1
  -  Specialised Translation Workshop 2

Semester 2:
  -  Theory and Practice of Translation 2
  -  Specialised Translation Workshop 2

  -  The Computer and the Translator
  -  Professional Aspects of Translation
  -  Subtitling
  -  Liaison Interpreting
  -  Cross Cultural Marketing Communication

Students are encouraged to develop specialisms through the Translation Project and the Dissertation, both of which have a practical focus.

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