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MPIP Glossifier - to understand medical articles
Ultralingua - number converter
Pure text - to paste text void of any formatting
Online Conversion - convert just about any unit of measurement
Media Convert - convert any type of files
Doodle - to schedule an event, a meeting
eCoLoTrain - a project that develops and tests innovative training opportunities in the field of professional translation.
Interpreter Training Resources - site for students of conference interpreting
Directorate-General for Translation - the European Commission's in-house translation service website
SCIC - The Directorate General for Interpretation - the European Commissionís interpreting service and conference organiser website.
International calendar event for the language industry - ICE is used for calls for papers, training, conferences, meetings, product launches, social events etc.
List of conferences within translation, interpreting, LSP, and terminology - all other the world
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