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Newsletter 9 (March 2005)

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New Tools

  • Lexibar - Freeware for MS Windows
    Lexibar is a small toolbar which gives rapid access to special characters not always available on your keyboard. To use, simply drag and drop the special characters, using the left-hand mouse button, into your word processor. This freeware program, designed and developed by lexicool.com, is currently available for the following languages: Catalan, Danish, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.

  • SIMILIS - Second Generation Translation Memory System
    Similis is the first translation memory system to apply true linguistic analysis. The system automatically retrieves bilingual terminology, enables the translator to reprocess sentences and word chunks in context and is able to align PDF files. Similis enables translators to boost their profitability and linguistic consistency, whilst working in the familiar MS Word(TM) environment. SIMILIS was presented at Expolangues 2005 in Paris and has recently received EADS-AIRBUS Development approval.
    For more information, visit: similis.fr/Similis.html
New Dictionaries and Glossaries
Below are some interesting resources that we have recently added to the lexicool directory:

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