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Learn to speak German with 'Quickstart German Immersion'

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Speak German CD-ROM
This CD-ROM is designed for beginners and travellers and is also useful for advanced learners for acquiring new vocabulary. The CD-ROM assists beginners in overcoming the initial difficulty of "getting started" with the learning of another language. The Quickstart German Immersion CD-ROM is designed so that you can get started quickly by way of a learning method similar to the way you learn your own native language. Each word is introduced in a context where meaning is clear and memorable. Spoken and written words are associated with images, allowing you to improve your listening and reading comprehension, spelling, and speaking.

Quickstart German Immersion is rich in content, containing over 2000 words and over 1200 phrases. It features a number of useful interactive panoramic scenes, such as "In the City", "At the Airport", "Business Meetings & Negotiations", "At the Restaurant", etc. Each panoramic scene incorporates eight learning activities. To help you speak German there are over fifty practical conversation dialog activities and a range of vocabulary specific activities in the dictionary section.

System requirements: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista, Pentium class processor, 80MB hard-disk space, 64MB RAM, CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive, sound card and microphone.

Interface in English.

Publisher: SelectSoft.

This CD-ROM is no longer available
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