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A selection of bilingual dictionaries availables online.

  • Arabic-English Dictionary
    Hans Wehr

  • Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic (English<->Arabic)
    Hans Wehr

  • Al-Mawrid: A Modern English-Arabic Dictionary 2003

  • A Dictionary of Iraqi Arabic: English<->Arabic (Georgetown Classics in Arabic Language and Linguistics)

  • Al-Mawrid 2002: A Modern English-Arabic Dictionary

  • The Concise Oxford English-Arabic Dictionary of Current Usage
  • The New Routledge Dutch Dictionary (Dutch<->English)

  • Van Dale Comprehensive Dictionary Dutch to English

  • Comprehensive Dutch to English Scientific and Technical Dictionary
    G. Schuurmans Stekhoven
  • Langenscheidt's Compact French Dictionary (French<->English)

  • Larousse Student Dictionary (French<->English)

  • Collins Robert Unabridged French<->English, 6th Revised Edition, 2002

  • Routledge French Technical Dictionary. Two Volume Set (Routledge Bilingual Specialist Dictionaries)

  • Routledge French Technical Dictionary French<->English (Routledge Reference)

  • Langenscheidt Condensed Muret-Sanders German<->English Dictionary

  • Langenscheidt Muret-Sanders German<->English Encyclopaedic Dictionary (A-M)

  • Langenscheidt Muret-Sanders German<->English Encyclopaedic Dictionary (N-Z)

  • German Technical Dictionary (German<->English - Routledge Bilingual Specialist Dictionaries)
  • English<->Hebrew Compact Dictionary
    Shimon Zilberman

  • The Oxford English-Hebrew Dictionary

  • Complete set of Hebrew<->English Dictionary (5 Volumes)
    Reuven Alcalay

  • Hebrew-English Dictionary (2 Volumes)
    Reuven Alcalay

  • The Complete English Hebrew Dictionary (3 Volumes)
    Reuven Alcalay
  • HarperCollins Sansoni Italian Unabridged Dictionary, Second Edition

  • Oxford-Paravia Italian Dictionary

  • Collins Sansoni English<->Italian Dictionary

  • McGraw-Hill Zanichelli Italian<->English Encyclopedic Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms with CD-ROM

  • Technical Dictionary (English<->Italian)
    Giorgio Marolli
  • Polish<->English Dictionary
    Tadeusz Piotrowski

  • Unabridged Polish-English Dictionary
    Iwo Cyprian Pogonowski

  • Polish<->English Technical Dictionary
    Maria Skrzynska
  • Elsevier's Russian-English Dictionary (4 Volume Set)

  • English-Russian, Russian-English Dictionary
    Kenneth Katzner
  • Larousse Unabridged Dictionary (Spanish<->English)

  • Oxford Spanish Dictionary

  • Routledge Spanish Technical Dictionary Volume One

  • Routledge Spanish Technical Dictionary Volume Two
  • Comprehensive English<->Turkish Dictionary

  • The Larger Redhouse Portable Dictionary (English<->Turkish)

  • Turkish<->English Dictionary of Technical Terms
    Ali Bayram

  • Best Technical Dictionary (Turkish<->English)


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