Newsletter 14 (July 2006)

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New Tools

  • Index Translationum
    If you ever need to know whether a particular book has been translated and who the translator is, then this database provided by UNESCO will be useful to you. The database contains bibliographical information on books translated and published in the UNESCO Member States since 1979 and contains over 1,600,000 entries in many disciplines. The site also allows you to view information on the most translated authors, languages and themes.

  • Talking Glossary of Genetic Terms
    This audio resource, in English and Spanish, can help people without a scientific background to understand and/or translate information in the field of genetic research. Each term is accompanied by a full definition, audio explanation, images and links to related terms.

New Dictionaries and Glossaries
Below are some interesting resources that we have recently added to the lexicool directory:

  • Glossary of snow and avalanches (DE-EN-FR-IT)
    This comprehensive glossary, compiled by the Federal Institute (Swiss) of Snow and Avalanche Studies offers translations and explanations in four languages for each term or expression. The glossary is also available in a printable PDF format (monolingual - one file per language).

  • European Psychoanalytical Federation Glossary (DE-EN-ES-FI-FR-IT-PT)
    This excellent glossary offers translations of terms and concepts in nine languages in the field of psychoanalytics. Once you have selected the interface language (English, French or German), the glossary opens in a small window making it easier to use whilst translating.

  • SOLON Multilingual Legal Glossary of Equivalences (BG-CS-DA-DE-EN-ES-ET-FI-FR-HU-IT-LT-LV-NL-PL-PT-RU-SK-SL-SV-TR)
    Glossary of terms considered equivalent with regard to law in the current and future member states of the European Union.

  • Football Dictionary (CA-EN-ES-FR)
    An excellent online dictionary, published by the Termcat terminology centre, offering all the common and technical terms relating to football, a little known sport involving a piece of leather (or plastic) being kicked around a field.
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