Newsletter 15 (October 2006)

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New Tools

  • Launch of Lingo 4.0 Terminology Management System
    This is a brand new version of Lingo, our Windows based terminology management system. It is simple to use yet very much more powerful than previous versions, allowing the creation and management of large multilingual dictionaries in any language combinations. The application is fully Unicode compatible, handling all character sets, and can import and export XML (TMX) and text files. Dictionaries can be consulted easily using a dedicated search function and multiple dictionaries can be searched through simultaneously. Drag and drop functionality allows easy insertion of words into documents and facilitates the creation of dictionaries. The program can be used with any Windows word processor and has been developed with flexibility in mind. Lingo 4.0 is local area network friendly, allowing simultaneous sharing of dictionaries. An evaluation version is available for download.

  • Microsoft Transliteration Utility
    A small free Windows application that enables you to transcribe text from one alphabet to another. For example, you could transcribe some Serbian written in Cyrillic characters into Serbian written in Latin characters and vice versa. This can be useful if you do not have the right keyboard. There are nine transliteration modules provided with the software and there is the possibility to create new ones or to use existing third party transliteration modules.

  • Google Book Search
    With this new service from Google, you can find books you are looking for in a few seconds and discover new ones as well. You simply enter a word or sentence into the search box, click on Search Books, and you will get a list of all the books containing your search criteria. You can then view either just the fragment of the book containing your criteria or information about the book or have access to a limited number of pages of the book. If the book is in the public domain (out of copyright), you can view it in its entirety.

New Dictionaries and Glossaries
Below are some interesting resources that we have recently added to the lexicool directory:

  • UEA Multilingual Dictionary for the Furniture Industry (DE-EN-ES-FR-IT-NL-NO-RO)
    This dictionary, compiled by the UEA, a European-wide furnishing industry federation, covers all the terminology relating to furniture and related accessories, and to the machinery and materials used in the production of furniture.

  • Trilingual Index of Expressions with Equivalent Meanings (EN-ES-FR)
    An interactive site offering thousands of idiomatic expressions which have the same meaning in English, French and Spanish, but which cannot be translated word for word. Various search criteria can be used to look for expressions. Searches can be by keyword, key phrase or by category (e.g. anatomy, nature, food, etc.). Expressions are displayed in context in a short paragraph in order to help users understand the meaning. The paragraph is also available in audio format (MP3).


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