Newsletter 17 (March 2007)

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  • IATE- The EU's Multilingual Term Base
    Good news! As announced in the press release "A political agenda for multilingualism" of 23/02/2007, the European Union has now finally made available to the public its inter-institutional terminology base IATE (Inter Active Terminology for Europe). This resource, created from the fusion of the terminology bases of the various European institutions (Eurodicautom, TIS, Euterpe, Euroterms, etc) has hitherto only been available to people working for or collaborating directly with the European Commission.

  • The Tool Kit
    Nowadays a translator should not only be able to translate but also have the necessary technical knowledge to manage the computer tools of the trade. Most translators now need a solid technological background in order to navigate through the maze of hardware and software that they use for their day-to-day work. The Tool Kit, a bi-weekly newsletter published by translation industry expert Jost Zetzsche, offers much valuable advice for translators on new operating systems, CAT tools, terminology management software, utilities and general desktop applications. The Tool Kit offers news on the latest hardware and software products which can be used by translators to increase their productivity. A goldmine for translators and international writers.

Site Changes

  • As many of you have already noticed, in the last few months we have modified the way that the dictionary search results are displayed at The search result links now go directly to the target dictionary or glossary site instead of showing the site in a Lexicool window, thus facilitating navigation. The function allowing notification of broken links is still available, but has been moved to the search results page. There is also now the possibility to leave a comment about a dictionary or glossary.

New Dictionaries and Glossaries
Below are some interesting resources that we have recently added to the lexicool directory:


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