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Italian dictionary 'Lo Zingarelli' on CD-ROM
This dictionary by Nicola Zingarelli is the most widely known and widely used of all Italian language dictionaries. The CD-ROM edition of this historic reference work, that consistently reflects the reality of the Italian language, incorporates many new words. These additions mainly come from usage by young people in fields such as the Internet, football, press and politics. The dictionary contains over 140,000 entries, 375,000 definitions, 43,000 idiomatic phrases and expressions, 71,500 etymologies and 95,000 datings of words.

A new feature of this CD-ROM edition is the inclusion of 900 detailed explanations of analogous words. These explanations show where and when one should employ a certain word as against another similar one.

The Zingarelli also includes 9000 synonyms and 2000 opposites, as well as many literary quotations and terminological listings. There are also many pages relating to specific technical fields such as energy, climate, space, transport, sport and the human body.

Another new feature only available in the CD-ROM version is the possibility to consult the digital version of the 'Dizionario della lingua italiana' (Dictionary of the Italian language) by Nicolò Tommaseo and Bernardo Bellini, published by Luigi Pomba in eight volumes between 1865 and 1879. This exceptional dictionary provides a fascinating insight into the development of the Italian language.

The CD-ROM edition offers numerous advantages over the print edition, principally because of its easy-to-use search functions, which can recognise word forms (verbs, nouns and adjectives) and can thus display the root form of the word in question.

Furthermore, it is possible to listen to the pronunciation of certain 'difficult' words. There is also a section of the CD which is dedicated to games, containing anagrams, logogriphs, palindromes and other word types often used by crossword and quiz enthusiasts.

Required configuration: Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7

The software can be launched directly from the CD-ROM without first installing it on your hard drive. If you choose to install it on your hard drive, the CD-ROM only needs to be present when you start the program.

The software will also work on Apple computers with an Intel processor and a Windows operating system if the program is launched from a Windows partition created with Apple Boot Camp. There is however no guarantee that the software will work with Parallels Desktop.

CD-ROM interface language: Italian.

Publisher: Zanichelli, Italy.

This CD-ROM is no longer available
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