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EuroTalk Learn Arabic [modern standard] Premium Set DVD-ROM
Premium Set contains five full programs for learning Arabic [modern standard] on one single DVD-ROM. The programs, from beginner to intermediate/advanced levels, will teach you first words and phrases, then complete sentences. You will develop your speaking skills, improve your accent and develop your listening skills. Each program targets one or more of these areas.

Premium Set Arabic [modern standard] est composé de 5 programmes :

  • Talk Now Arabic [modern standard] offers a simple-to-use method for you to start learning Arabic [modern standard] with fun and interactive games.

  • Talk More Arabic [modern standard] teaches basic conversational phrases with structures which can be adapted to fit various situations. The program's recording function allows you to compare your accent with that of a native speaker, which is good in building confidence for speaking Arabic [modern standard].

  • Vocab Builder Arabic [modern standard] has been designed for kids but is also greatly appreciated by adults for learning vocabulary using images.

  • Talk the Talk Arabic [modern standard] has been designed with teenagers' social lives in mind. It uses words and phrases young people need for social conversation in Arabic [modern standard], including a lot of useful, up-to-date vocabulary. It also aims to build spoken confidence, allowing you to compare your accent to that of a native speaker through the use of videos.

  • World Talk Arabic [modern standard] prepares you for real-life situations with addictive listening games. It will teach you to recognise key words in Arabic [modern standard] in everyday situations and broaden your vocabulary. This program, suitable for learners who can follow simple conversations in Arabic [modern standard], but who still need to improve their vocabulary, will enable you to understand the essentials of what is being said and enable you to avoid being blocked by words that you cannot understand.

As with all the products in the Talk Now series, the interface is available in several languages and the CD-ROM will work in Windows PCs and Macintosh OSX computers. Minimum system requirements:

PC: Windows ME/2000/XP/Vista/7/8, colour display, sound card, CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive, microphone (recommended).

MAC: OS X 10.3.9, colour display, sound card, CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive, microphone (recommended).

Interface in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Arabic [modern standard] and many other languages.

Software version: 2014/2015

Publisher: EuroTalk Interactive, UK.

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