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This page provides free online translation between a number of different languages. Such translations generally enable you to understand a piece of foreign text, but are rarely accurate or reliable and are no substitute for a human translator.
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Other online translation resources

Free online web page translation
Language specific online translation pages:

Translate online with many language combinations English <> Spanish, English <> Portuguese, English <> Russian, English <> German, English <> Dutch, English <> Greek, English <> Swedish, English <> Arabic, English <> Japanese, English <> Korean, English <> Chinese, English <> Italian, English <> French and other language combinations
Linguatec - Personal Translator Online
Free online translation with the possibility to choose subject area English <> German, English <> French, English <> Italian, English <> Spanish, English <> Portuguese, English <> Chinese
Lucy LT KWIK Translator
Short text free translation: English <> German, French, Italian, Russian Catalan <> English, Spanish, French and Catalan > Aranese Spanish <> English, French, Galician, German German <> French, Russian
Yahoo! Japan
Online translation featuring many language combinations Japanese <> Chinese, English, French, German, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian
Translation in Swedish <> English, French, Russian, Spanish, German
Prompt Online
Translation in Russian <> English, French, Italian and German
Translation in Welsh <> English, Spanish <> English, Catalan <> English, Catalan <> Spanish, Galician <> Spanish, Portuguese <> Spanish, French <> Spanish, English <> Esperanto, Breton <> French
Online machine translation Basque <> Spanish
ISMA - Armenian
Armenian <> English online translation
Japanese <> English translation
Presis (Amebis)
Slovenian <> English translation
Esperanto <> English translation
Pars Translator
Translation from English to Persian (Farsi)
English to Bulgarian translation
MetaMorpho (MorphoLogic)
English <> Hungarian translation
English <> Polish, German <> Polish and Polish <> Russian free translation
GenCat online translation
Occitan <> Catalan, Spanish
Online translation Spanish <> Galician, Galician <> Portuguese, Catalan <> Spanish
THDL Tibetan Translator
Tibetan > English translation
Ofis Automatic Translator
Breton > French translation
Punjabi to Hindi Machine Translation System
Punjabi > Hindi Translation
uTalk Learn French (download)
User-friendly language learning software
uTalk Learn Tibetan (download)
User-friendly language learning software
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