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Lexibar is a small toolbar which gives rapid access to special characters not always available on your keyboard.

Once you have installed lexibar, either click on the special characters to insert them directly into your word processor or drag and drop them (using the left-hand mouse button). If these methods do not function, you can copy the characters to the clipboard by double-clicking on them, then paste them into your document.

Versions currently available for download

Lexibar - Catalan
Lexibar - Chechen
Lexibar - Czech
Lexibar - Croatian
Lexibar - Danish
Lexibar - Dutch
Lexibar - Esperanto
Lexibar - Estonian
Lexibar - Finnish
Lexibar - French
Lexibar - German
Lexibar - Greek
Lexibar - Guarani
Lexibar - Hungarian
Lexibar - Icelandic
Lexibar - Italian
Lexibar - Kurdish
Lexibar - Latin
Lexibar - Latvian
Lexibar - Lithuanian
Lexibar - Maltese
Lexibar - Norwegian
Lexibar - Occitan
Lexibar - Pinyin
Lexibar - Polish
Lexibar - Portuguese
Lexibar - Romanian
Lexibar - Russian
Lexibar - Serbian (Cyrillic)
Lexibar - Serbian (Latin)
Lexibar - Slovak
Lexibar - Slovenian
Lexibar - Spanish
Lexibar - Swedish
Lexibar - Turkish
Lexibar - Ukrainian
Lexibar - Welsh

Phonetic symbols

Lexibar - German phonetic symbols
Lexibar - English phonetic symbols
Lexibar - Spanish phonetic symbols
Lexibar - French phonetic symbols

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