Newsletter 22 (May 2009)

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  • WinSplit Revolution
    Often when working with the computer, there is a need to have two or more windows open at the same time on the screen. WinSplit Revolution, a freeware application for windows XP and Vista, facilitates the management of multiple windows. The application allows you to tile, divide and organise your programs and desktop workspace so that you can make best use of the space available.

    For users of Firefox who wish to display several pages simultaneously there is an add-on called Split Browser that can be downloaded and installed easily. Split Browser allows you to sub-divide Firefox's browser pane into two or more sections, allowing you to load and view several sites at the same time. Click here, to download the Split Browser add-on.

  • is a free web application that, once you have logged in, enables you to translate culinary menus from Catalan into Spanish, English, German, French and Italian, and allows you to choose from a database containing over 1500 menu items. In addition, users can add more menu and food items to the database as well as proposing translations. The user interface is easy to use and users will rapidly obtain a multilingual menu in pdf format with the option to customise the logo. It is a shame that the interface is only in Catalan. It would be nice to see it in other languages!

    A similar application, with a slightly less intuitive interface and also only in Catalan, is available at: Plats a la carta.

New features

  • During the last few months we have been focusing on improving the relevance and quality of search results when looking for specific dictionaries and glossaries in the directory. The 'Online dictionaries sorted by subject' page is an example of these improvements. The results obtained when clicking on the links of this page will give users an insight into how to make best use of our internal search engine. To discover or re-discover the possibilities offered by's dictionary directory you should go to the home page and play with the different search possibilities, by selecting one or two languages, and by selecting a category and/or entering a keyword.

  • There have also been some changes to Lexibar, our freeware application that gives rapid access to special characters not always available on your keyboard. Lexibar is now also available for Czech, Croatian, Esperanto, Latin, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Turkish and Hungarian.

New Dictionaries and Glossaries

Lexicool Online Shop

  • Special springtime offer! Until June 30th you can purchase Lingo 4.0, our terminology management system with a 20% discount.
    Click here to benefit from this offer.


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