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8000 dictionaries and glossaries offers primarily a directory of "all" the online bilingual and multilingual dictionaries and glossaries freely available on the Internet. It is a resource intended for translators, linguists, language students and all those interested in foreign languages.

The directory currently has links to over 8000 dictionaries and glossaries, many of which have been created by translators working in specialist fields. To find specialist dictionaries and glossaries, you should include a Subject in your search. To search for an online dictionary, enter your criteria below and press GO
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Special translation and dictionary pages

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If you have published an online bilingual or multilingual dictionary or if you know of one that is not in our directory, you can add it yourself. New dictionaries are evaluated rapidly. We update the directory daily.

A variety of resources also offers many other useful resources. Our translation and interpreting courses directory containing over 200 courses worldwide and our listing of translator and interpreter associations worldwide are especially useful for anybody aiming to work as a professional translator.

Translate online

Our much-appreciated online translation page is useful for getting a rough idea of a sentence or paragraph written in a foreign language. The site also has pages dedicated to currency conversion and text analysis.

Online shop

In our online shop we have a range of products for translators and language learners at competitive prices and we also offer several products that we have developed ourselves, such as our terminology management software, Lingo 4.0.

Freeware to download

If you need to write in a foreign language but don't have the right keyboard for it, our freeware accented character application, Lexibar, could be of interest to you. We also have several freeware bilingual dictionaries that can be downloaded.


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